Testing Laboratory

Testing Laboratory for heat engineering tests

  • Heating boilers for gas and liquid fuels, heat production 4 to 10000kW;
  • Steam and hot water boilers, high pressure liquid and gaseous fuels;
  • Steam boilers and liquid organic coolants;
  • Heating boilers for solid fuel 10000kW;
  • Automatic burner for liquid fuel;
  • Industrial and general gas burners;
  • Monoblock burners;
  • Burners and cutters with ejector manual operation;
  • Thermal equipment: boilers and steam supply pressurized water; pressurized water heaters and steam supply; heat exchangers;
  • Safety valves with direct and enforcement action;
  • Overhead radiant tube gas heaters;
  • Domestic gas-fired forced convection air heating;
  • Household gas appliances;
  • Heating devices.