• Official distributor of PANINI – Italy
  • USA Distributor of boilers and heaters installations running on waste oil CLEANBURN (
  • Official representative of EUROHEAT for Bulgaria (
  • Engineering plants for heavy machinery investment: “Heavy Machinery – Radomir”, “Kotlostroene” – Sofia, Coal chemical engineering in Haskovo, Pleven and Provadija
  • MH “Vaptzarov” – Pleven, “Termotehnika” – Plovdiv
  • Heating – Sofia, NPP “Kozloduy” TPP “Plovdiv” TPP “Varna” TPP “merger” and “Bobov dol” Company Clean Burn.
  • Chemical plants – “Himko” –Vraca, “Neftochim” – Bourgas, “SODI” – Devnia
  • Engineering companies – “Energoproekt” – Sofia, “Atomtoploproekt”, “Atomenergoproekt” – Sofia, ITE – LTD Chimremont
  • Foreign companies for the supply of equipment for the scope of activity: RIELLO, SIMENS, DIANSOS, Sterling SIHI, INCOVES and others.
  • Fruitful contacts with leading companies from Japan, Germany and Russia

Cooperation with:

  • “Technical University” – Sofia
  • Bulgarian Academy of Sciences – Institute of Chemical Technology
  • Company “Toyo Engineering” – Japan – design and production of all heating equipment and pressure vessels for plant PVC – Devnia
  • Japan – the company “IHI” – the technical task of the company designed the main technological equipment (absorbers and water tanks and gypsum) installation for flue gases from sulfur oxides TPP “Maritza East 2″ blocks 1,2,3 and 4 project of Mitsui – Japan
  • Atommash and Atomtoploproekt – Russia – design and manufacture of equipment for NPP
  • Company “Libcher” – Germany – design and manufacturing of process equipment for the plant for refrigerators – s.Radinovo – Plovdiv, incl. Farm butane
  • Industrial boilers and heating facilities for the country and exported to the Czech Republic.